Student Placement

Upper Murray Health & Community Services welcomes all prospective students and we look forward to providing you with a clinical placement which supports your needs and will successfully provide you with the relevant outcomes required for the completion of your clinical placement.  UMHCS can be a host to undergraduates, graduates, post graduates, interns and work experience students within a range of disciplines and academic institutions. If you are a prospective student looking at completing a placement at UMHCS, please access Placeright or fill out the Student Placement request form.

This website has been designed to provide you with information to prepare you for your up and coming placement at UMHCS, which then provides you with the more time to utilise in the clinical setting. Please familarise yourself with the information provided below, and printout all the relevant information which relates to your placement in order to bring to your first day of orientation.

Information relating to the History of UMHCS can be found in the Student Orientation Handbook.

Preparation for Placement

Public Transport: Transport from Albury/Wodonga to Corryong is limited, however timetables and further information can be accessed on the link provided.


Draper Accommodation is located onsite at UMHCS and consists of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 laundry, communal lounge room, kitchen and study. This accommodation is also for other staff and visiting services to use also. Please read the Policy & Procedure surrounding the use of UMHCS accommodation services which is located in your Student Orientation Handbook. A key bond deposit is required, along with a $20.00 per night fee, which must be paid at front reception at your orientation. Please fill in the application form and bring to your placement. Draper Accomodation Bond & Payment Form

Facilities: Corryong’s local supermarket is IGA and is located in the main street. Please note closing hours of weekdays are 1800pm. Further information relating to eating out venues and using the Corryong Gym can be located in the Student Orientation Handbook. An application form for the Gym can be printed off and brought to orientation: Gym Membership Application Form

ReHSeN Learning:All students must complete an online hospital induction package prior to placement. Your username and password will be sent to you with your Welcome Letter. Please click on the link provided for instructions on how to use ReHSeN.  Please click here to learn how to use ReHSeN

Essential Paperwork

The following items must be printed, viewed and brought to your first day of clinical placement.

Student Orientation Handbook: This is the core item to prepare you for practice. A broad range of information is included in this to provide you with a greater understanding on UMHCS and what is expected of you as a student:

Privacy, Confidentiality & Security Agreement:

Health Service-Student Placement Agreement:

Student Registration Form:

Student Learning Objectives: Please note this form is only to be used if your education provider has not provided you with your own Student Learning Objectives.


Please remember to bring your original copies of the following as they must be sighted for you to commence your placement:

Further Resources

Please read over the relevant Policies & Procedures which are referenced in your Student Orientation Handbook, prior to placement:

Agency Wide:

Code of Ethics & Conduct

Draper Accommodation

Incident Reporting

Uniform and Dress Code

Waste Management Guidelines


Whistleblowers Protection


Polices & Procedures relevant to disciplines:

Blood & Body Fluid Exposure

Code Blue Response

Hand Hygiene

No Lift

HACC Service Information Booklet

Falls Prevention risk assessment and management policy

Falls Prevention risk assessment and management Residential Care

Falls Prevention risk assessment and management Acute

Completing total progress notes in the nursing home and hostel


Orientation will be completed on your first day at UMHCS, with most of the information has already been outlined in your student orientation handbook. You will meet your preceptor and they will then take time to outline your objectives and information pertaining to your area. If you require further information or to discuss your placement needs, please contact:

Marsh Summingao
Clinical Nurse Educator
(02) 60763239

For a smooth transaction into your placement, please liaise with your Educator/ Preceptor prior to placement if you have any specific requests or tasks you need to undertake. UMHCS encourage you to also discuss any issues you are having whilst on placement, so we can eliminate these as soon as possible.

UMHCS look forward to meeting you for your clinical placement and to help you further your education for your chosen career. We thank you for choosing UMHCS as your placement venue.