Medical Clinic

“This practice is committed to providing comprehensive medical care to all individuals and families in our community.”

Corryong Medical Centre

Incorporating the Khancoban Medical Centre
Office Hours 9:00am to 5:00pm Mon-Fri.
Ph 02 6076 3290

Four general practitioners provide medical services along with on call services through the Urgent Care Centre at the hospial. There is also a female General Practitioner bi-monthly sponsored though the Royal Flying Doctos Service.

Registered Nurses provide general practice nursing services including health assessments, screening information and asthma education. the Practice Nurses are also women's health and immunisation credentialed.

A General Surgeon and Paediatrician visit on a regular basis. All services are bulk billed.


The clinic is located in the Khancoban shopping centre and is open between 9:30am and 11:30am on Wednesday once a month. Dates are advertised in the Khancoban Echo. Appointments should be booked in advance through the Corryong Medical Centre. Appointments may also be available on the morning of the clinic by phoning (02) 6076 9280.

After Hours

After hours emergency care is available through the Urgent Care Centre of UMHC&S on (02) 6076 3200

Fees and Accounts

This practice routinely bulk bills, therefore your DVA, Medicare, Pension cards and also Healthcare cards will be required with all consultations. International visitors or patients with No Medicare services will be required to pay for services.

If you require an insurance or employment medical examination, you may be required to pay the full consultation fee.

Availability of Doctors by Phone

The doctors are happy to discuss some medical matters over the phone during normal surgery hours, but this is not a replacement for face to face consultations. It is not always convenient, however, for the doctor to talk to you straight away. You may be asked to phone back at a more convenient time, or speak to the practice nurse.

Home Visits

If it is impossible for you to attend the clinic, home visits may be arranged in some circumstances, by telephoning thePractice Manager or Practice Nurse, who will consult with your doctor. In general if you are severely ill you should go to the Upper Murray Health Urgent Care Centre, rather than arrange a home visit.


All x-ray, pathology, ultrasound and pap-smear results can be discussed with your Doctor/Practice Nurse.

Infection Control

All syringes, needles and most instruments used in this practice are disposable, (single use only) i.e. used once and then disposed of appropriately. Any re-useable equipment used is washed in the disinfector and transported in a dedicated container to Wodonga Regional Health Service, who is compliant with standard 4187. Yearly audits are performed for standard 4187 through the Hume Regional Infection Control Group.


The staff adhere to the Victorian immunisation guidelines, please contract the clinic to organise an appointment.

Appointment Times

Appointments may be booked by phone or in person from 9:00am- 5:00pm. Monday to Friday.

When making appointments please:

  • State the full name of the person to be seen
  • Where possible, plan the appointment ahead of time

Assess the time you may think necessary for the appointment as full medical checks, insurance examinations, complex medical problems all require extra time so a double appointment should be booked. If you are unsure about needing a long appointment please ask our receptionist.

Urgent medical problems will be dealt with promptly at the Medical Centre or, when deemed necessary, at UMH&CS Urgent Care Centre.

We endeavour to see each person on time but sometimes there are unavoidable delays as the doctors also attend hospital patients and emergencies as necessary. X-Ray/Ultrasound appointments are to be made via the reception staff at the clinic.

Medical Staff

Graduated from the University of Sydney. He has been a rural GP for many years, and
has particular experience in obstetrics, anaesthetics and surgery.

Graduated from Monash University.

Practice Manager

Liz Whitehead

Nursing Staff

Elise Wilson
RN Div 1, Midwife, Accredited Nurse Immuniser, Credentialed Pap Test Provider, Practice Nurse

Lorraine Carkeek
RN Div 1, Midwife, Accredited Nurse Immuniser, Credentialed Pap Test Provider, Practice Nurse

Sylvia Montgomery
Relief practice nurse RN Div 1- Accredited Nurse Immuniser, Credentialed Women’s Health Nurse

Jill Boers
District Nurse

Kay Conway
District Nurse

Hiedi Chard
Relief District Nurse

Denise Johnston
Diabetes Educator

Reception Staff



The doctors at this surgery will refer, when appropriate, to another health care provider. If you desire to see a particular specialist it is best to discuss this with your doctor.

Doctors and clinic staff can also refer you to the other service providers such as Diabetes and Asthma Educators, Counsellors, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Home and Community Care Service or District Nurse all of which are available at UMHCS, Corryong.

Other Services

The following specialists visit Corryong and can be seen in our clinic or Community Services:

  • Mr Warren Hall, General Surgeon
  • Dr Andrew Rechtman, Paediatrician
  • Female GP- Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • Emilia Barrow-BSW- MAASW- Mental Health Clinician

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain the security of personal health information at all times.